Topology is connecting
without the sky limit.

Our Mission

Internet of Drones
The next generation of IoT

  • We extend the big data and IOT applications, out of gravity. We are starting open the new generation of big data and intelligent robot applications.


  • We have been
    2018 - Innovex
    2018 - Overseas Community Affairs Council
    2018 - Tokyo maker fair
    2017 - Flying perform at National Taichung Theater
    2017 - Cooperation with Chunghwa Telecom in LTE network system mornitoring
    2016 - Taiwan Zhuoshuixi river aerial monitoring
    2016 - Shenzhen maker fair
  • We have
    More than 6 years of drone technology
    Own PCBA factory

How We Do

Cloud Service

  • Topology have the most rigorous encryption technology.
    By login account to give instructions for all the drones you had.
    Simple interface allows user to operate easily, making easier flight experience.


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About Us

We make everything come true


UAV/ AkrLab

HANG-JIAN TECH has researched and developed more than 20 unmanned aircrafts. Related patents and applications cover environmental monitoring, security, formation performance, and so on.


IoT/ Smart life

We design IoT products and develop the IoT system, as well as establish big data background analysis. We serve Taiwan's manufaturing industry, and the retail industry.

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